What is SEO? Well in short, it means ‘search engine optimisation’. Jargon? Probably but let’s break it down.

🔴 The basics

SEO is that part of your website that needs attention, why you ask? Well Google crawls websites when you search something, and when your website is optimised correctly your website will be shown in the search results.

The goal of it is to enhance your ranking, the higher the ranking, the higher you are seen in the search results (SERP – search engine results page). Now don’t get all wrapped up in trying to steal the #1 spot for your specific keywords – not at first anyway.

🟠 Why Google?

Google is the highest performing and most-widely used search engine in the world, so when you search on Google – that search engine is firing with all cylinders to bring you the absolute best results.

Searches include two elements, the input: the keyword being search (for example: nail salon Maryborough) and output: the result (the list of search results that were found through this keyword search.

The keywords you use on your website are super important. When you include great keywords, it enhances your ranking like I mentioned before. You can do keyword research by using a keyword research tool, you can find out more about those in the Google Help Centre.

🟢 Yoast SEO

When I build websites, part of the set up is the free Yoast SEO plugin. Yoast SEO is industry god, the traffic light system keeps your content on track with tips and hints to follow. You can upgrade your Yoast SEO plugin to the premium, but you can also feel confident that the free version is just as bloody good!

The traffic light system (like the images above) show you the good, the ok and the bad points of your content. If you read the prompts and follow the advice, you can easily hit green lights all the way.

⚫ Still unsure?

I get it, this can be overwhelming. But I gotchu’. Hit me up,  let’s have a chat! We can work through this beast together, and I promise you’ll be hitting green lights with a free run ahead in no time.