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Candice Harrison Studio, selfie of Candice wearing black Nirvana single and leopard print scrunchie for the 'meet me' page.

let’s get to knOW each other

My name is Candice, but I prefer to be called Candee, a self-confessed revhead and a lover of 90s music, Silverchair and Nirvana, I’m lookin’ at you.

I am definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s ok – because I’m always someone else’s shot of tequila!

I use fuck as a comma and I don’t have a filter but I am a genuinely empathetic person who will have your back in business (and in life) for as long as you need me.

I’ve been a designer for over 10 years. Even typing that seems crazy to me. What a bloody wild ride it’s been too.

I have been an agency-based designer for The Star Casino on the Gold Coast, I have created an entire ice-cream shop at the Hilton, right through to promoting both the Fraser Coast and Isaac regions to everyone, far and wide.

From business start-ups to those bigger guys nailing the sh*t out of their industry. I’m here for it all.

In my career I have worn many hats, some not as cute as this one. I have worked as design manager for a national magazine, brand coordinator in the tourism industry, I have worked in print agencies, and currently government designer.

I have operated large print runs from concept 👉🏻 design 👉🏻 print 👉🏻 delivery!

I am an actual, real designer. The real deal, qualified and everything, I know right. A unicorn these days. I’m not here to fluff you up and tell you that everything is all sunshine and rainbows when it’s not (yet). I will tell you what I know you need to hear.

No bullshit. 

I create epic designs that unleash your inner business badass so you can level up and show your potential clients who’s boss!

No job is too big or small – cliche’ I know but it’s true. I will honestly work with you if we’re a good fit on anything you need help with. Don’t be afraid to ask because I promise there will be zero judgement here, friend.

sh*t i love

▫️ 90s music, tv shows + movies

▫️ a bloody good iced coffee, The Fast Lane – I’m lookin’ at you!

▫️ pink gin cocktails in fish bowl glasses with my besties

▫️ good design, and I mean good, clever and creative!

▫️ plants, I am a crazy plant lady

shi*t I don’t

▫️ arrogant, judgemental, emotionally abusive, and manipulative people

▫️ unqualified people giving unqualified advice on design

▫️ mumpreneur, dadpreneur, boss babe, hustle, + gender-led business titles

▫️ shadows used in design 🤢 hello 1998!

▫️ discrimination and injustices

ready to rock? So am I