Is your website working for you?

The digital world is constantly changing. Here’s my top 5 tips on making your website work for YOU, instead of you working for your website all.the.time! ⁠

☝🏻 Is your logo clickable? Does it take people ‘home’?

Your logo should always link back to the homepage anyway! Almost all people know that sometimes the quickest way back to a homepage is to click to logo in the nav bar. Having that linked will always create a smooth user experience.

🌺 Keep your navbar with just the important bits.

Don’t have your T&C’s page at the top, pop that baby in your footer. Keep it simple and very easy for your users to find what they’re looking for. ⁠Your navigation is prime real estate on your site, so make that space count!

Candice Harrison Studio hero image of woman with tattoos working on macbook laptop, sitting at a desk

Do you have a little longer list of main pages you’d like used in the top nav bar? No problem! Working out your site map is my first process, so pop the still-important-but-not-top-level pages as drop downs or sub menus in the nav bar! Drop downs can still look sweet.

🌴 Is it clear what you do or what you sell?

If people are confused right off off the bat, they will leave – and we don’t want that! Tell them!⁠ You only have a short time to capture the attention of web visitors – tell them what you do and why they should stay on your site to look around.

Have you got photos of your products or what you offer as a service? What about a hook/tagline that educates? Good copy will sell, so let’s get that working for you.

🌊 Social media

We’re all on it, so are your customers and clients. Add social icons to your website so people can follow you. Even better – integrate your socials on to your website to give them a snapshot!⁠

Check out this website for some ideas on social media integration tools! Display your feed in a few grid tiles on your home page to give potential customers a sneak peak in to the world of your kickass biz on the ‘gram.

📣 Contact deets!

Guys, you need this on your site. Have a few different ways people can contact you… a contact form, add your email, shop address if you have one for example. Let them know that you are contactable and approachable. ⁠

Well, that’s the main tips I have – there are a butt-load more, but we all have a to-do list a mile long I’m sure. 

As always – if you need some help with any of these aspects or would love more info – hit me up via the contact page.