Do you need to boost your creativity? Are you finding that sometimes your creativity disappears? 🙋🏻 I know I do. I don’t know where it goes but it’s like a mental blank… a brain fart if you will. So here are a few things I do that help!⁠

🖤 Clean up your working area.

Part of my “where the f did my mojo go?” process includes rearranging, sorting, and chucking shit out. Really just a bit of a spruce.  They say (who is they, anyway?) a change is as good as a holiday, well get yourself out of that rut friend, and give your space a quick tidy! 

🌳 Get outside!

Even if it’s just for ten minutes. A few deep breaths, a short stroll or just sitting in the shade under a tree will do you the world of good, believe me. Being inside staring at a screen all day can be draining. ⁠Your to-do list can wait 10 ol’ minutes. The benefits far outweigh the limitations for a break throughout your day, and the University of Suffolk list a range of reasons why a break is gon’ be goooood!

📘 Carry a notebook.

This one I love! I always have either my iPad in my bag or car or a notebook and a pen. Jot down ideas, to-do tasks, journal, whatever you need to! A great alternative is your notes app on your iPhone or whatever the equivalent on other banded phones is (soz, don’t know that!) for some quick note-taking on the go.

💤 Take a nap.

Ok, this one I can get behind. I wonder if my boss would let me take a quick nap at my desk. Ha, yeah I don’t think so either. But according to studies – taking a nap increases your creativity and reduces stress. Sounds like a must to me! ⁠Obviously, through your work day, this isn’t achievable, we’re busy, we’re on the clock and we don’t wanna piss our bosses off, obvs. BUT what’s stopping you on busy days when you aren’t working to take a quick siesta to break up the day? Or an after-work siesta before dinner – you know the ones where you wake up at 6:30 pm and it’s 1992, you don’t know what day or why you’re now an adult? Yep – those are the good ones.

🎶 Music

I can’t work without music, and when I’m at home working the music isn’t very quiet. There are times when I need to concentrate and I turn it off, but it’s very rare to walk into my office and find silence. Find a new Spotify list, maybe even a podcast…⁠ you can follow along with my work-day Spotify playlist here, I’m adding new bangers often! Got a request you’d love added, shoot me a message!

Here are five things you can try to help your creativity throughout the day. I’m sure there are a lot more out there but these are the ones that I do (except the nap, but there’s no time like now to start! 😂).

If you have any questions, would love to reach out and tell me how you get your mojo back, or if you’d like more information, let’s have a chat!