Get yOUr brand OUt there

… without doing something shifty.

Are you a badass biz owner ready to take charge of your business, level up your look and feel, and you need a pro by your side? Oh hey! I’m Candee. Your no-BS, real-deal and completely qualified graphic + web designer.

Graphic Design

A kickass brand and some good lookin’ collateral to go with it, is the best way to get your business seen. From business cards to shop signage. Let’s create something to knock the socks off  your potential customers.

Web Design + Dev

Your website is your online storefront, it’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let’s make your website one of your coolest and hardworking employees. Take your business to the next level and have it working for you!

Digital + Socials

The online world is like New York, it doesn’t stop! So why not get your business face out there? Are you struggling with your social media? Or maybe you need your profiles updated or digital ads created? Let’s do it.

Professional Printing

Print is far from dead, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. While digital is a huge part of business, nothing beats being able to hand a beautiful business card to someone you’ve just met. Let’s chat and make it happen.

an actual, real designer

Oh hey, I’m Candice. I am a born and bred Fraser Coast girl with 10+ years of experience in graphic and web design.

In my career I have worn many hats, some not as cute as this one. I have worked as design manager for a national magazine, brand coordinator in the tourism industry, I have worked in print agencies, and currently government designer; I have operated large print runs from concept 👉🏻 design 👉🏻 print 👉🏻 delivery!

I am an actual, real designer. The real deal, qualified and everything, I know right. A unicorn these days.

I’m not the sort of designer you hire if you are looking for a prim n’ proper, tell you what they think you want to hear, people-pleasing type. I am a no-bullshit designer. The real-deal with epic designs that unleash your inner business badass so you can level up and show your potential clients who’s boss!

Are you ready to rock? 🤘🏼 Let’s do this.

Candice Harrison Studio

what i am

▫️ a fast-paced designer, with the experience to back me up

▫️ an outside-of-the-box creative thinker

▫️ nothing is ever too big, or too small, hit me with your project

▫️ no BS approach – I’ll tell you how it is + show you why

what i am NOT

▫️ someone to fluff you up + tell you life is lollipops + rainbows

▫️ a Canva-only user. I use the real-deal, industry-standard sh!t

▫️ your employee, I am a creative professional, your biz bestie

▫️ here to work with anyone not ready to level up their business

some Of my Work

New purple imac computer displaying Bianca Merritt Photography website

Want to join the coolest, most epic VIP team around?

Ok, well that’s a stretch, but mine is still pretty cool! Freebies, how-to guides, templates and more. Pop your email in and I promise I will never spam you, that shit only belongs in a can.

my Work-day playlist

Follow along on Spotify and save the playlist for a playlist perfect for any work-day! Sample the tunes below. Got a request you’d love added? Shoot me a message and I’ll pop it on!

some client love

“We were searching for a graphic designer and Candice was highly recommended. Candice helped us with several design projects, and our clients were very impressed with the work Candice created. We were impressed with the effort and ease of communication that we found working with Candice. Highly Recommended!”


“We couldn’t recommend Candice from enough! She has helped us with many graphic design projects to get our new tourism business up and running including the creation of our brand style guide, promotional brochures, business cards, regional maps and more. Candice is super easy to work with, quick and always comes up with great new concepts in line with our branding. We’ll definitely be working with her well into the future!”